Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Savegame/all chars cheat
hi everyone =D
i want to ask if someone here has a savegame for DBZBT3 (with all chars)
or a cheat that give me all chars
i have the US version
and if someone have an savegame or code he/she can tell me how to install it Smile

thanks for answers and THANKS for help^^

(sorry about my bad english =D)

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noboddy can help me? Sad
Uh... go in gamefaqs.com get the savegame that has what you want then try importing it to your PCSX2 memcard with the mymc alpha app.
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thanks im trying it =D
i have dbz bt 3 save game with 2 dragon balls and copmpleted 31% dragon history.

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