Dragonball z tenkaichi 3 problem with playing the game
hello i am relativley new to pcsx2, but i am having one upsetting problem. i have downloaded DBZ tenkaichi 3 and its working fine all the way up the the point where i start a battle. (the Main menue and character select runs perfect) However once i get in game the screen flickers like crazy and the game runs really slow. i got frustrated and went to try it on my other computer which had same problem. I have provided links to the computer i have below, and would apreciate it if some one would please tell me if im doing something wrong, or if both of the computers i've tried the game are just simply not good enough for game play.

here are the two computers


and the second one is a denll intel core 2 quad however i do not know the specifications but i think it should run things good because of its quad core, but the fact that it runs everything almost the exact same as my laptop makes me suspicious that its not the computer that is the problem.

Thanks for the help!!

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