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Drakan 2 random freezeups
I tried toggling all CPU and speedhacks options, changing the audio and video plugin, but they had no impact whatsoever on the issue. The image will randomly freeze up with the music looping the last 10 seconds. I've played Final Fantasy 10 for many hours with the same setup and haven't had a single freeze. what's up with this?

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Is this with 0.9.6 stable? Try with the latest beta, if you're trying with the beta try with the stable, make sure the "config > advanced" settings are at the defaults (pressing the defaults button), and try using no speedhacks.

Would also help if you show us your settings and what the pcsx2 console window shows when this happens.
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I tried the latest beta, and it DOES solve the problem. However it also creates another. Some textures like trees' textures flicker insane and are swapped with textures from completly other places like walls or even Rynn's face lol. This did not happen back on my 'old' 0.9.6 and the beta I downloaded had only an exe and a dll, no plugins were changed.

EDIT: This also happens with the plugins in the beta thread. Even rendering the graphics through software does it. Then I tried ZeroGS, I got it working cause it had some compatibility issues, but I got the exact SAME tree glitch, so my guess is it's a problem with the emulator not the video plugin. Advanced options are default.
In the latest beta try turning on MicroVU0 and 1 in the CPU options and see if it fixes it.
All options were already on so I took the liberty in playing with them. The game slugged on at 6% speed with some settings but no matter what I did in the CPU settings, the glitches remained even then. Here is a referrence of what happens. Yes a tree full of moustaches. Other times it's the main character's face. Dunno, the glitch seems to be partial to people's heads...
[Image: newbitmapimageb.jpg]
This wasn't happening with the previous PCSX2 I had, but it locked up randomly for the game. Is there a previous/current PCSX2 release that is documented to run this game without problems?
I have exactly the same problem. Stable version 0.9.6 locks up with sound loop within 1-2 minutes. Beta 1888 messes up textures on trees, people, ground, almost everywhere. They flicker, from correct to weird and back constantly as you move. Standing still they stop...if that means anything. Something to do with lighting or filtering?

To clarify, 0.9.6 Has good graphics but locks up. Beta 1888 does not lock up but has trashed graphics. This is the same using plugins from 1888 in 0.9.6 or vice versa so it seems to be PCSX2, not the plugins.

It runs at around 30-45 FPS, 65-75% speed while only using 40% CPU? It uses both cores, but only about 40% of each?

I've tried every plugin and setting combination I could find in both versions of PSX2 with no fix. I would love to hear if/how anyone gets this one working.

EDIT: After looking more carefully at this, it seems like the camera is "projecting" textures onto the affected areas. If you stand still and slowly pan the camera around, the texture will change accordingly...Rynn's boots, pan up, Rynn's chest, then face, etc on the trees. In this screenshot, I'm pretty sure that is the mountains in the distance being put on the trees. If I pan the camera down toward the ground, it would change to Rynn's boots or the ground texture. Searinox's screenshot has Rynn's chest on the trees, from the front view, not mustaches.

Windows Vista 64 SP2
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7850 2.81 GHz
RAM: 4 Gig
GPU: Geforce GTS 250 1 Gig

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What are you using "40%" from? From pcsx window? If so, that's 40% of the processor used for the graphics plugin. There isn't any way to make pcsx2 use 100% of both cores it's running from. One will almost always be maxed out (the one that handles most of the emulation) while the other isn't... unless of course you have a really bad graphics card, in which case they might both max out, but you're game's going to be going incredibly slow anyways.

2.8ghz even as a dual core is going to be too slow to run many games full speed. 3.5+ghz is what's recommended for 3d games (though many will run full speed on slower)
(10-01-2009, 12:30 AM)Koji Wrote: What are you using "40%" from? From pcsx window?

From my Task Manager...but that's not a big deal anyway. If it runs at 70-90% speed most of the time (which it does after some tweaking), it would be playable enough for me...if I could just sort the other problem.

I am still trying everything I can think of on both versions of PCSX2 and on Windows Vista 64 and XP Pro 32. So far, results are the same no matter what I try. That suggested MicroVU0 and 1 made it worse if anything + made the sound skip. I tried a few other PS2 Bios versions just for the heck of change.

Also, the lock up that happens in v 0.9.6...happens in the same spots all the time...I can run around certain areas, but as soon as I walk up to other areas, it locks up.
Are you sure the ISO/disc is not damaged? If it freezes on the same spot it could be that
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(09-30-2009, 08:57 PM)elvin presler Wrote: I have exactly the same problem. Stable version 0.9.6 locks up with sound loop within 1-2 minutes.


Windows Vista 64 SP2
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7850 2.81 GHz
RAM: 4 Gig
GPU: Geforce GTS 250 1 Gig

Hi! Yes, it's a hard game to play and also a hard to emulate. But I'm playing it right now and I'm in 3/4 to the end. No FPS drops in the game. Check out my config for game here (also check some warnings):

You'll be the first user to find my Drakan page any useful Smile
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