Drakan Ancient gates PAL save file ?:)
I know this has a very low chance that someone actualy can help me, but this is what happened:

Drakan Ancient gates needs you to always put in a memory card, and you can mess up the game with save states if you load one after you saved the game to the memory stick..
This is what Ive done after recording the 50% of my longplay

Now im stuck at the end of this video, when the winter world ends, and a new gate opens to Surada

it says I have to insert the previous memory card to slot 1, is there any way to skip somehow this screen and save the game without the previous datas?
(since I've loaded a savestate after saving to memory card, the memory card save disapeared ! I don't want to start over =( )
Or maybe Is there anyone who can send me a PAL version save file , at this point for PCSX2 1.4.0?

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