Drakengard 2 issues
Hi. I am reposting this as a new thread, I answered to an older thread but a mod told me to open up a new one. I'm having different problems with Drakengard 2 and I wanted to ask for some support.
Obviously the black bars issue, but I understeand that there is no way to solve that.
[Image: 1z4kgtw.png]
I also get some weird lines in some of the menus
[Image: 2nl5u9l.jpg]
When I put a custom resolution of 1240x1240 the black vertical lines disappear, but I suddenly get a black bar in the lower part of the screen.
[Image: fpbfjm.jpg]
Also, if the custom resolution is anything different than 3x, colored lines also appear along the black ones
[Image: 2qdbu5j.jpg]
Some of the lightning effects are off place, but if I activate the half-pixel offset HW hack the colored lines appear even at 3x. If I turn on the Alpha hack though the colored lines do not appear and the off placed lightning effects just disappear, which is better than have them around the stage at random I guess.

Also, sometimes when a FMV should start the screen remains black, audio still plays but the emulator freezes when the cinematic should end. I tested this with hacks on and off and it seems to be just random, maybe it is caused by a bad rip, currently ripping my game again for testing.

The game works fine on native resolution of course, except for the low framerate but that is to be expected. I was wondering if there was any way to fix any of the problems I just mentioned; I've seen videos on youtube of the game being played on 720p with no issues and I was wondering how that was possible. (I understeand I cannot link to that here.) Fixing the black bar at the bottom would already be a saving grace considering that I can solve most of the resolution problems by using the custom resolution, including the off lightning effects. Thank you in advance and sorry if I bothered you.

EDIT: About the FMV glitch, it was caused by frame skipping. I had no idea frame skipping could cause such a bug and I forgot about it, but once I deactivated it all the fmv worked fine, tested quite a few times. All the other bugs are still in there though.

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Just tested this on my own Drakengard 2 game in PCSX2. Did a fresh rip from my disc and gave it a go. Same issues as you described and the black bar at bottom. I'd honestly say contact the YT people on those videos and ask them what PCSX2 settings they were using. It seems to be a well-kept secret because none of them so far have been forthcoming about it.
Sometimes software mode is all you can do.

Also, beware the Youtube videos. They all "look" fullspeed because of youtube's playback function. But they may not truly be fullspeed.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

As for now I don't really care about speed, but I've seen videos of the game full screen. I can't get it full screen because I either get the vertical black lines (which honestly I can live with, that's what I've been playing with in the mean time) or a black bar at the bottom. A fix for the black bar problem obviously exists, but I couldn't find anything online... I can't seem to find other games with the same issue either
Just an FYI, the 'black bands during menu/instructions' stuff doesn't get fixed at all regardless of various options/hacks/whatever. It only seems to happen during those menus (mostly the tutorial) so it isn't a huge thing but just wanted to clarify that.

Yeah most of the YT videos are running on Native Resolution. They just look better due to how the compression works.

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