Drive performance for PCSX2?
Just wondering if drive performance even comes up as an issue for pcsx2?

I know it would mostly just be loading times. But is it at all worth it to have the image stored on a for example a vertex 2 ssd vs. a wd black 1tb 7200rpm drive?

Is it already so much faster than running from a dvd that it really has no noticeable impact?

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none at all.

anyone who says otherwise is on drugs.
Not only PCSX2, but all programs as well. The drive is only a storage for storing data. When a program runs, the OS reads the data from the drive to know what it has to do, and place all things it needs to RAM. Finally all things is computed in CPU and GPU. The drive only affects loading time, as well you know.

Edit: Sorry, almost but not all programs. I forgot applications that operate mostly on files such as WinRAR or antivirus software. These programs performance relies heavily on the drive speed.
Storage makes no difference when it comes to emulation. I did a little test with Parasite Eve 2. It takes 8 seconds to load a save regardless of whether the backup is on my Intel SSD or WD 5400rpm.

However! Turning on turbo mode does seem to shorten loading. It took 5 seconds to load a DMC save file at 60fps, but I turned off the limiter and it took about 1 second.
One of the speedhacks can actually make use of hdd speed, but still only for loading times and it can break some games, especially fading sounds which doesn't have time to fade and stuff like that.
Even for loading, some games simply use timers for load and would be better to disable FPS limit to load faster.

Unless you're switching from a very old/slow hdd or were loading games from a slow usb stick before the speed difference will be minimal at best.
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Good to know. Thanks everyone.

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