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Dual AimTrak Lightguns setup
How do I do it? Done some research. DL'd nuvvee plugin, but couldn't get this working at all.

AimTrak operates as mouse pointer (via RAW input??).

Have got it working a little via lillypad + selecting Mouse API as Diirect input and also Windows messaging as keyboard api. Crosshair's all over the place - way off my sights + wobbles all over when hold gun still.

Anyone give me a simple guide to how to get two mouse cursor based light guns working in pcsx2???


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Guessing that's a "no" then... :/
Better to tell u'r problem in nuvee plugin original thread Smile
Thanks Preet - already did Wink

Awaiting reply....
(07-06-2013, 09:24 AM)stigzler Wrote: Thanks Preet - already did Wink

Awaiting reply....

That's good
i hope the author of nuvee plugin or some other active member on that thread will help u Smile
me too fella! PC installation into my cab looms, and rather get all sorted before then Smile

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