Dual Layer Disc Trouble
Does Pcsx2 have trouble with dual-layered games? Because my version of Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest isn't working properly. The discs are divided into two different Rar archives, and when I try to load one of them with Pcsx2, only half of the screen shows up. I tried grouping them into one archive but I don't get any results out of that. Any help would be appreciated.

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That is an issue with the game itself not being emulated correctly not an issue with Dual layer disks.
Thanks for the quick response. So I guess I'm not playing this game any time soon then eh?
Nope same with the other Champions of Norrath game and the Baldur's Gate games.
So can we expect a fix for the emulation any time soon? Would it require a new version of Pcsx2? Not really sure how it works.
Devs don't know what's wrong with the games yes.
Until someone figures it out, we won't know if a PCSX2 core change is required or if it's a graphics plugin change, and until then your guess is as good as any Tongue2.

Half screen issue isn't there with a (Software) renderer in GSdx (F9 while playing to switch to software mode).
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Oh wow, switching to a software GSDx renderer works wonders! Fixed the half screen issue. Thanks! Biggrin
Yes-- Software mode let's you see all those broken textures. lol
Yeah, I'm getting missing / broken textures...guess we'll have to wait until it's fixed for a Hardware render. Here's a picture of what I'm getting with rendering in Software. QQ. This is without any speed hacks on as well..getting very low fps as well without those hacks, but I guess I can't fix that.
[Image: garbagegraphics.png]
Sorry for low res pic / uncropped.

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