Dual Monitor Simulation
Ok I know you guys are confused by the topic title. Its ok...what you're about to read will hopefully blow your mind away, or at least make you think "why didn't i do this earlier?!"

or you may be thinking...i already have two monitors...

well, chances are, if you use PCSX2, you have a pretty good rig and most likely graphics card capable of HDMI out, as well as an LCD monitor. Chances are that you also play games on PCSX2, and probably use gamefaqs or something sometimes while playing.

ok...i know get to the point right? well, what we're going to do is simulate two monitors using your monitors PiP (picture in picture) feature (if you have one).

First of all, you will need a standard VGA cable (the one that you used to connect your monitor back in the day) as well as an HDMI cable or equivalent (DVI or whatever).

next step, connect both cables to your graphics cards video output ports. yes, BOTH of them.

now, connect them to your monitors input ports.

next, set up your PiP to display the input from whatever is NOT your main input source. example: i use an HDMI cable to connect my PC to my monitor...that is the main source. I use the old VGA cable to be my secondary...this is my source for the PiP feature.

Now, right click your desktop and go to resolution, and press detect. windows should detect two desktops. configure as you wish. i extend the desktop and resize the PiP so its large enough to read txt from firefox...also make it opaque if i want.

i hope that this helps someone utilize their time more efficiently...follow a walkthru with it or something, or chat.

p.s. i know it may be hard to get anything legible at first...play with the resolutions and experiment!


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But my monitor doesn't have PiP.
are you sure? a LOT of recent/not cheap monitors do. i have a gateway HD2200 and it has it. great monitor btw lol

i guess you can kinda get around having to do this if you game using an HDTV...then you can just set your PiP source to be your laptop (or pc if it's close enough).

p.s. for any of your people that have to do online examinations with that crazy software that monitors to see if you're cheating...this is a great workaround for that too hahaha
can a laptop be used for this simulation too ?
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