Dual core or quad core
guys which is compatible to
pcsx2 dual or quad core?

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if you take some minutes of your time and read the faq then you will know that pcsx2 take advantage of only 2 cores at the time,so for pcsx2 its reccomended a strong dual core 3.0ghz or above.Next time read stickies (faq) instead of making a new thread about it,and there are also plenty of other threads about the same thing,do a search to Tongue
Compatible? Both.
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I did hear you can technically take advantage of a quad core by running in software mode though. Is that right? And software has better compatibility and less glitches if i'm not mistaken.
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Indeed, and it looks worse, too! ( Tongue2 )
Anyway, the core count doesn't matter much as long as it's at least 2.
What matters way more is the architecture:
Any Intel core2 and better, or (not quite as good) Phenom II will do well.
I would still recommend the quad for a simple reason: PCSX2 uses 2 cores, another core can be used by sound or input plugins (interupt handling), and that would leave one core for Operating systems 40+ background processes. Wink
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Sound and input plugins does not used another core at all. And OS background processes are normally sleeping, they don't use CPU until it have free power. You should be trusting in you OS thread management system.

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