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DualShock 3 Controller
Note: I'm running win7 64bit.

I'm planning to buy a controller for pcsx2 but since I primarily play Metal Gear Solid, I need working pressure buttons, analog sticks etc...

I've gone through some threads and posts and it seems that the PS3 DualShock 3 Controller seems to work pretty good with pcsx2...

I still good some quick questions before I buy the controller:

Do both versions (the old CECHZC2U and the new CECHZC2UA1) have working analog sticks and pressure buttons on pcsx2? Because if I buy a used one, I could end up with the old version...

People refer to this post: , is there still the chance of disabling all USB Ports if you mess something up (says so in the first post)? I don't have a PS/2 Port, so I need to know if I should back up my system just in case...

also some posts mention for pressure button support... with the recent update of lilypad and the 64bit win7 PS3 controller tutorial above, do I still need motioninjoy for full functionality of pressure buttons and analog sticks (I read someting about 6axis controllers not having been tested)?

Side Question:
Does LibUSB have any problems with USB3.0 ports?

And before I make benchmarks myself: Does MGS 3 work better on 1.0.0 or SVN?

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