DualShock 3 PCSX2
Hello there, people of the interwebs! I'm fairly new to the emulation scene as a whole. I decided to dive into the PS2 scene since my old console stopped working.

Here's my little dilema. I've been using a DS3, but it only works with the first game I backed up for the emulator, "Shin Megami Tensei (III) Noctourne". I have the drivers installed and everything. I used the Better DS3 drivers, which someone recommended me using. The controller doesn't seem to be working with any of my other games. I've backed up both ICO and Devil Summoner and it doesn't work with these. (The games start up and run perfectly, by the way).

Like I said before, it only seems to be working with SMT Noctourne. This was the first iso I backed up. Can anyone help? I've been trying to fix this for about a week now.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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By the way, I have NO idea how to use libusb. :/ Is that part of the problem?
Have you gone into Lilypad and actually set the buttons up?
Yes, yes I have. The buttons are all mapped. Like I said, I can play SMT Noctourne just fine but if I try to play any other game the controller stops working.
You need to press the PS button before you use the controller.

Also some games use the analog buttons. Make sure it says "(full)" for each of the 4 shapes buttons in the lilly pad config.
Please screenshot all tabpages in lilypad settings.

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