DualShock 3 help
Hello guys. This is my first post on this site and unlikely i need help.

I have DualShock 3 Sixaxis controller and i wanted to play Naruto... on PC but the problem is that, I can't figure out what to do, to make it work.

1st i tried to install x360ce like i did before (but on another PC). Everything fine. Program asks me to create 2 files on start. Okay so i see green dot on Controller 1 so i thought it works? But not. It doesnt react when im trying to record any button. Damn...

2nd time i tried Motioninjoy. It works on my main PC (Windows XP, just connected and program instantly found PAD connected and i found drivers for it) but not for my Laptop(whole problem is about laptop btw). I have connected DS3 pad to my PC(Win 7 64 bit). Windows automatcly installed default drivers i guess. Im waiting and waiting but Motioninjoy doesnt find any PAD connected so i gave up.

3rd time i tried ScpDriver ? or smth like that. I have connected DS3 to Laptop, default drivers installed, okay so i can click install on ScpDriver right? Everythings works, 3 times program asks me to click Allow or Not(clicked Allow). Everything installed succesfully. And then Windows detect new device connected to PC (I guess it wants to install drivers for it) and then Windows.. froze. I can't do anything but restart laptop.

I don't know what to do. Same thing with my 2nd pad, originally from PS3.


Motioninjoy works on my Windows XP(32bit) but not on Laptop Win 7(64bit).

I have both PS3 Controllers. 1 Originally from PlayStation 3 and 2 is DualShock3 Sixaxis. Controller from PS3 is working on Windows XP but not on Laptop. DS3 not works on Win 7(didnt tried it on Windows XP but i guess it will work)

Using wired Controllers obviously.

BTW: My DS3 controller in x360ce when it has Green Dot next to Controller 1 is blinking. 4 Red dots blinking on DS3.

Waiting with hope

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Maybe the drivers are killing each other. I would suggest to clean your system as much as possible from all three suppliers and start from the beginning with scp driver following the instructions of scarlet.crush in this forum. Keep in mind that deinstalling motionjoy is not as simple as it sounds. You might need to find instructions in the internet.

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