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Dualshock 3 analog range - perfect for PS2 games or not?
This is quite a general question, but I think this is an appropriate place to ask.

Anyone with a Dualshock 3 able to comment on whether the analog sticks are capable of exactly emulating the Dualshock 2 in terms of range of motion? I'm talking about in software, not the physical range of motion. I.e. in a game where a character runs at the outer edges of the analog stick, and walks nearer the centre of the analog stick, does the Ds3 activate running at the same points in the analog stick as the Ds2? Is that the same for the corners as well as the sides? In other words, say that running is activated 1mm from the edge of the analog stick in all directions on the analog stick of the Ds2, is that the same case as the Ds3?

I ask because the controller I have, the 360 controller, is completely incapable of doing this due to design differences, and so I want to buy a Ds3 for PCSX2 (and other things, otherwise I'd obviously get a Ds2). My friend compared a PS1 stick to a PS3 stick in Windows game control panel, and found that the sticks behaved similarly in the GUI for analog stick input. The only thing I'm not sure about is that the Dualshock 3 has 10-bit analog precision. I want to know if this affects its usage in PS1/PS2 games.

Edit: I keep reading about Kingdom Hearts and the Ds3 having a weird analog sensitivity that prevents the character from running in that game. So it looks like the Ds3 isn't perfect for PCSX2 after all? Or is that PEBCAK...

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It's not perfectly accurate, but you can fix the running issue in KH by putting the sensitivity in the controller plugin to about 1.35. I haven't noticed any issues when playing myself other than that.
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That's kind of a bummer. I'll get a PS2 pad instead. Thanks for the info.
I would go for a dualshock 3 honestly. It works better than the ds2's using an adapter.
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