Dualshock 4 InputMapper not working for PCSx2
I'm trying to play Drakan The Ancients Gate and I can get the rom to run without issues, but I can't use my Dualshock4 (PS4) controller.

Using InputWrapper, and it works just fine in Darksouls and other games.
I've tried with normal mode and xbox360 emulation but the buttons just don't work in the emulator at all.

Do I need to use a DS3 controller instead?

Has anyone gotten this combination to work?

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

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please screenshot all pages in lilypad settings
I'm just using the default settings right now.

you have to bind your controls under pad1
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Okay I'll try that tonight.
Alright this is what I see when I try it:

So how can I bind controls to Pad1 if no device is listed in PAD1?
Sorry I'm dumb, bound the keys to the DS4 and it's working great, finally got to play Drakan Ancient's Gates last night, so far so good, thanks for all the help.

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