Dumping BIOS from MY ps2 and other stuff
I need lots of help with the PCSX2 program. I've read over the guides for dumping BIOS and configuring PCSX2 and all that but I just dont get it (im a total dork when it comes to things like this ;P)

Im looking to run some of my PS2 games on there, and with the most recent version, im totally confuzzled.
1) I know I need to dump the BIOS from my PS2 (but even after reading guides, i still dont get it)
2) Configuring PCSX2
3) Are Binaries and BIOS the same thing?

Please help me in my quest of learning and operating the PCSX2 ;P
Also please be patient, I might need super simple explainations to get it done. Thanks!!!

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And the request for help on how to dump a BIOS isn't cover just for to find out how to set up Pcsx2 to play illegal games ? Tongue

Given you probably are already using a pirated BIOS
At Fezzer:
Unless specificly stated hes pirating its none of our buisness. And I also had problems dumping my bios when I was new to this kind of stuff, its a reasonable request.

At OP:
1. I dont really know how to help you out besides point you to additional guides. Is there anything specific about the proccess you are having problems with?
2. Configuration depends highly on game and to some extent pc, so try out diffrent things and post game/specs/settings/version if you want additional help.
3. Im not clear on all this stuff but I believe the BIOS is a binary file. But binaries in itself does not mean bios. Binary is a file type.
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