Dumping BIOS problems
It isn't really Windows issue but I couldn't find a better forum to start this thread.

I have that slim console and PS2dumper 2.0 doesn't work at all (waiting for USB thing, no, I don't have a PSP), and the older version dumps it incorrectly (BIOS version checks out, it's 2.20, but it shows Japan instead of Europe, VX instead of correct version and no games work at all). But using RadShell I managed to get all the files from rom0:/ which I suppose is the location the BIOS gets dumped from. But the files aren't like the ones dumped, there's a lot of them and I guess they are somehow chosen and bound into a simple .bin file, same goes for the rest, but with different filenames.

The question is: can I dump it in some other magick way or make appropriate files from those I copied from rom0:/? I really want to play that Subsistence in 1080p Sad

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