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I was just wondering if anyone knew about this game and that if they would know if the Disc-Swapping works at all from iso to dvd, or copied dvd to dvd. Or even if disc-swapping can happen with a real disc at all! ;P

If you're wondering why "copies" approximately 2/3 months ago when I was moving into my new flat, I snapped that disc in half completely. Luckily I back up ALL of my discs to my 1tb Seagate Drive, in case stupid sh** like that happens.

So, anyone know any information? Would be great!

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From what i've seen for existing debates regarding that.. there is no way to make disc swapping to work. Presumably some people got it working somehow but others couldn't still.

If my memory serves me correctly, it's said that PCSX2 basically doesn't provide hotswapping support and thus the reason why it won't work in games that make use of it.
Thank you for your report.
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