Duplicate: [Bug Report] King of Fighters '94 Rebout [NTSC-J]
# PCSX2 version: Current Git release
# CPU options: Defaults, but clamping and rounding modes tested to no avail.
# Plugins used: Current GSDX, SPU2-X, Lilypad
# Description:

There are two problems with this game. The first is that there appears to some kind of priorities problem with regards to the health bar. The small character portraits are hidden behind the status bar, when they are supposed to be in front (those red and blue circles are also supposed to have the current characters portraits over them).

The second problem is that the 3D backgrounds, in common with every other PS2 KoF game, are a complete mess and seem to suffer from what looks like severe z-buffering issues.

Both problems occur irrespective of which backend is selected and in both hardware and software modes. The problems are also present using ZeroGS.

Ignore the colour in the screenshot, imgur screwed that up, but this shot shows both problems:

[Image: B8pY42h.png]

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Thank you for your report.
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