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Soo here is a funny one imo

Dark Relam enemy ai stupidity
(For those of you who haven't played Onimusha, the Dark Relam is an arena ..if you will, where you can slay tons of enemys for exp and items.)

- Pcsx2 versions tested: 0.9.6 / Pcsx2 beta 1474
- CPU options : eerec /vurec0 / vurec1 and MTGS on
- Plugins : Latest GSdx (1611) and the latest ZeroGS (crahes the game though), SPU2-X 1.2

So here is the bug -

When flying,digging or hovering enemys are on the battle field they are all going into a corner of the arena and are...well flying / digging against the wall instead of attacking you.

On the one hand this is awsome because it makes the whole thing quite easy because you can relax and slay them when you have some free time from fighting the other enemies whose ai still works.

BUT it makes this minigame unplayable with characters who have shorter weapons since they can't reach flying enemies with them ( watch the vid)

Another oddity is that SOMETIMES for no apperant reason it works anyway and their ai is working normal.(in the pcsx2 0.9.6 cpu default stettings...tried the other options of the thing though).
How to replicate :
1.Enter the Dark Relam
2.Play until about stage 10 when the first flying enemies spawn.

If you need it I can give you a memory card with a save that is able to enter that thing / document it some more with vids...but I guess the memcard will do just fine if you need it.

Here's the vid : http://uploaded.to/file/7iw2my

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this isn't a bug, just crappy programing in Onimusha
(08-10-2009, 01:01 PM)Saiki Wrote: this isn't a bug, just crappy programing in Onimusha

Well...how do you know exactly?
Flying enemies behave normal in the game itself, exept in that area.
Have you played it on an actual ps2 and encounterd that problem?
played on on the PS2, and yes, they still do that (only the NTSC one, not PAL. I doubt the coding is changed though)
(08-10-2009, 04:12 PM)Saiki Wrote: played on on the PS2, and yes, they still do that

Oh well.
Thank you ;P
Any suggestions how to prevent them from doing that?
try MicroVU, but I doubt that'll make any difference. other than that, don't let them? personally I'd be glad that happened, easy souls
Yeah well...the thing is if they are already flying against the invisible wall and you play with some character who can't reach them you're just screwed.
The game runs fine and everything is cool except you are pretty much stuck in there.
pcsx2 settings?
All enabled.
microVu does nothing to solve this.
So is there a way to circumvent this somehow?
no idea, as I said, it's most likely just the game's gode itself, can you make a recording of the bug? I'll pass it to someone close to me who knows more about this game. see if it happened to him too

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