Duplicate: [Bug Report] Simpsons Skateboarding (NTSC-U)
Client used: Public Beta PCSX2 0.9.9 r4627

Specifications: 3326MB RAM (4GB), Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770, Intel Pentium XII Xeon Processor (4 cores - each clocked at 2.33Ghz), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit)

CPU options: All options are default. No speedhacks used. Tested with 8MB/32MB memory card.

Plugins: GSdx 4643 (SSE4), LilyPad r4484, SPU-X r4619, cdvdGigaherz r4488.

Description: Hi, I has originally posted this bug report having tested the game with only a 32MB card, but I am having the same problems on an 8MB card. The game still freezes using a traditional 8MB card, and it still has the momentary freezes during gameplay when booted up with no memory card. During the freezes, the audio keeps playing (and the game is at 60 FPS) even with TimeStretch enabled.

(With no speedhacks, I run the game at about 40-50 FPS, although the "freezes" still occur, during which my CPU usage drops).
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Thank you for your report.
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