Dxdiag says I have DirectX11, but PCSX2 says I need to update DirectX?

I'm using Windows 7 and PCSX2 0.9.6. Help?

Besides, PCSX2 is misreading my CPU as having 8 physical cores (4 logical) but infact it only has 2 cores with Hyper Threading : |
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DirectX releases an update like every month or so I believe, so if it's telling you to update it, then do so. You can update your DirectX by downloading the installer Here

PCSX2 readings of CPU specs are not accurate, if you want to make sure you get the right info from your CPU, then download a program called CPU-Z.
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It won't run if I don't update DirectX. Do I have to update monthly??
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nope, just when a program or another asks you to do it Wink
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I've never downloaded a DirectX update before, I use the ones that's provided in game discs. My old P4 didn't ask for any update when I first run PCSX2 either.
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Every DX update contains new files in it and those new files are required by the GSdx version that you are using now.The old GSdx version that you used on your old pc needed some DX files that you already have.

To put it simply,the newest GSdx requires a file that is included in the DX update from June this year,so if you downloaded directx from earlier month than June,you wont be able to use the newest GSdx pluigin.
Updating DirectX doesn't mean updating from DX? to DX9,10 or 11
OK. Understood. Thanks. : )
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