Dynast Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends
Hello all,
      I'm having an issue with DW3XL loading from the memory cards, all the over games I've been playing including DW3 original save and load without any issues however DW3XL no matter what will load up and say the memory card is corrupt. The game itself saves fine and just can't seem to load... I'm using the latest version of pcsx2 and tried various settings including using it in raw disc form, there is no documentation on the compatibility list for dw3xl.

I was curious if anyone else ran into this problem or would have any potential solutions, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Someone recently opened a bug report about this exact issue. Sadly, there's been no progress on it as far as I know.
Could you try disabling wide screen patches and cheats?
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ah I'll just have to wait it out then, and I don't have any cheats nor patches active what so ever.

Thank you both Smile

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