Dynasty Warriors 3XL,4XL,SMXL,SM2XL Load original + Import working 100%
Hey guys,I'm Newbie in here and I can make every XL load original or import working except DW5XL,i don't want to waste time for it cause in DW5XL,they don't make lv 11 weapon to obtain  Biggrin  ,i rather play dw4xl with Harder AI than play DW5XL,for me DW5 is enough  Cool
One thing,my English is really bad so i make a video about how to load original in DW3XL,If you guy want,i can make a video about load original in DW4XL or import in SMXL and SM2XL,Just post this video to any website for anybody need help so they don't waste time for many years. Sad
And this way i borrow some idea from Drax80 in this forum,but you use USA(NTSC),I make it work with Europe version(PAL) so some files is different,so if you see it drax80,i put your name in description in this video cause your idea make me do it,tks u  Biggrin .

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Dynasty warriors 4 XL swap disc complete now,just try and like if it work for u,have fun!
Um.. Well id like to know how to make dw5 xtreme work on pcsx2 pls? I dont care that it doesnt have weapon 11, I can make them overpowered with codes anyways to compensate for that if i wanted.. Which i dont. So pls help me make that game work with original?.. : <

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