Dynasty Warriors 5
First I would like to say welcome and thank you to everyone who has put so much hard work into this project.

I'm currently testing out dynasty warriors 5 and it seems to run pretty much as it would normally, except for a few bugs. The first thing isnt really that effective on the actual gameplay and flow of the game, but gets annoying. I'm talking about audio, music plays well in this game but whenever there is a bit of dialog sometimes it will play through fine, while other times it will get stuck in repeat mode over and over again while i'm playing until something else changes.

I also noticed, which is pretty much the only problem I've had with gameplay, is when there is a reasonable amount of activity on screen (within the game) it will slow down but when there are not any or very few enemies on screen it runs smooth. I realize that this is just the amount of things that have to be loaded but is there any way to fix this or make it run a little bit better?

Other than that it is a nicely working game, very playable.

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OK for sound,I suggest you use SPU2Ghz - Playground version (it's in the playground binary).That should play dialogues and music fine,although you might get some occasional garbage when there are lots of sounds playing simultaneously.
About speed,the game is really stressing,even the PS2 has slowdowns when playing it Tongue Anyway,the only way to improve the FPS is by either using the Beta version and checking 'denormals are zero' in hacks or using the playground version and checking "denormals are zero" in Config->Advanced under VU Rec options (yes it's the same hack)
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I remember playing the Dynasty Warrior games... even on the console they would occasionaly skip, or altogether stop for a moment...

OK, so I downloaded the Playground version and gave it a shot with your suggestions. The audio works a lot better now, dialog runs smoothly although there still is the little bit of stutter you mentioned when theres a lot of interaction. Will that plugin only work with playgound?

A few graphics things changed from the official to playground. With he denormals are zero setting on the before battle "preperations" screen doesn't fully show the map in playground and during gameplay tiles on the ground seem to shadow and darken (I not sure what you would call it, im sure theres a name for it though haha) although it does seem to speed up the lag just a little bit.

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