Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends
Hi all!

I'm looking to get Dynasty Warriors 5 XL on my pcsx2, and I'm trying to get a constant fps in-game. While in-game, I suffer from slowdowns usually if there are more than 20-30 heads on the screen, which is a big problem for a game in the DW series. It might be framerate, but it seems like time is just slowing down (it actually helps because I can time attacks faster Tongue). However, I'd much rather try to get rid of this, so here are my specs. Resident Evil 4 also had a lot of slowdowns, but I've heard that takes a super computer to run.

Toshiba Satellite P750 Win 7 64-bit
Intel i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz
6.00 Gb Installed RAM

Nvidia GeForce GT 540M
and a Intel® HD Graphics Family
Yes, my laptop has both of those. I haven't tried setting the GeForce as default yet though, so I might go try that. Normally it is the default for all games, although minecraft and far cry 2 both had trouble figuring out which is which.

I'll post screenshots of settings in a sec, I've been tinkering with it as I go.

Currently set to Preset 2 (Safe) in Emulation.

Edit: Setting the game to only use Nvidia improved the performance, but I still run into slowdowns. Normally pops up when there are around 40-50 heads on the screen now.

Menus have a constant 60 FPS, in-game it goes from 20-60.
EE generally sticks around 60-90% in game.

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An i7??? Try download latest SVN here and enable MTVU speedhacks


your processor has turbo up to 2.90 GHz, google for ThrottleStop and use it, but remember it drains your battery life fast..

to squeeze some more FPS, there are things you can try:

1. Check "Native" in GSDX (if you go speed over nice graphics)
2. Change EE/IOP and VU Clamp modes to "None" (revert back if your game not working)

*waiting for someone expert to post something Smile
VU cycling might cause some visual problems ...

and the game is more CPU demanding rather than GPU when it get gangy ( lots of gangs ) slowdown is not controllable ! Sad
Thanks for the replies.

My computer is pretty high end, but it lacks in the cooling department. So already I'm kinda against using any form of Overclock for fear of melting the bottom onto my desk. I will test out the other options you listed though, the only problem is that native res looks a little messed up, textures look scrunched.

The slowdown isn't necessarily game-breaking, as its more like an unintended time slow down feature during big fights. However, if there is absolutely no way to increase the performance to a suitable level, then I think I can live through it. Absolutely certain that it will not be controllable? Sad
Yeah DW games are very CPU hungry. The games even had nasty slowdowns on the PS2 console, so you might imagine they are pretty heavy.
kohaku2421's suggestion was the best, you should try all he said (especially the MTVU hack might work wonders with your CPU)
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Yeah I tried out some his ideas. Afaik, I activated the MTVU and it seems to have helped.

Of course, I still can't run in head first and fight 100 underlings like I used to, but oh well. Thanks for the help guys.

On a off-topic note, is Resident Evil 4 the same way? Or will that most likely require a better computer/different settings to run.
It shouldn't be as CPU hungry, so I guess it will perform better
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Well thats always good.

Will Game Booster increase the performance at all, for any games I run? I couldn't really find much info on people using it with PCSX2
Nope and I don't recommend using this kind of programs in any case, all they do is mess with windows for some extra resource freeing which could even cause nastier problems
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