Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 rendering problems
Two minor problems, neither of which affects the actual gameplay. They're just annoying.

1) In the mission mode lobby, the selected pilot's picture is rendered on top of the message window instead of behind it, making the text obscured and unreadable. This particular glitch doesn't occur anywhere else in the menus.

2) On space maps, the skybox vibrates a bit when the camera is rotated. Might be a texture panning issue.

Using 1.0.0 r5350 but had the same problem on 0.9.8 as well. No idea if it's a known issue.

Emulator settings are all on recommended options; ditto with speedhacks, except EE cyclerate which is on 2. VU cycle stealing doesn't seem to affect either problem. Resolution was left on native with hardware D3D10, 8-bit textures and texture filtering on, no hacks. Hope these help with pinning down the problem.
CPU: Pentium T4200 Dual-Core @ 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 gigs
VGA: Mobility Radeon HD3470
OS: Win7 Ultimate x86

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