Dynasty Warriors XL problem SOLVED!!
(02-17-2014, 03:09 PM)Bositman Wrote: Seems to be working for Samurai Warriors 2 XL!
Just copy over all files from the normal Samurai Warriors folder to the XL one, WITHOUT overwriting the files that already exist.
Create the ISO as seen above.
Boot the game with the normal SW XL disc, import, when asked to open tray select the new ISO, swap disc, then swap back again to the normal XL disc. Done Smile

Sir HAve you personally tried this? Can you teach me the specific files because i might have done something wrong during the skipping on the files to be overwrited.

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Yes I have. No I cannot teach you, everything you need is in the first post and the post you quoted above. If you still don't understand, I can't do anything more to help you.

Noting that I have already encountered one story mode (Ina's 3rd stage) which does not load with this method.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hello im very new to this and i'v done what is said here but it does not seem to work if you can post a video or something a little more helpful for me that be nice thank you
What program did you use to extract the files? When i used WinRAR i didn't get all the files as the ISO is much smaller than the original (1GB for the regular SW2, and nearly 7GB missing from SW2 XL)
Same happens with Ultra ISO

Next is before i noticed the file size issue the file LINKDATA.BNS exists in both games, do i overwrite with the older (smaller?) one?
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It also works for dw5 xl.

Use daemon tools to mount isos, copy & paste to other folder, use imgburn for creating new iso.

attached gif shows how it works.Biggrin

i have done this like 7 times and i still cant get it to work i know how to use all the tools and such but it just does not load the dvd or whatever (i'm trying to get DW3 and XL)
(01-17-2014, 06:55 PM)c4537343 Wrote: can you say what files one has to change for dw4 as the files there are differentfrom those on dw3

I've done with DW4XL too, now i explain.

Check the 1st post to know the start procedures, i'm going to explain directly the files that you must copy from DW4 to DW4XL.
Remember you must insert files in the DW4XL iso then make everytime a copy of DW4 and DW4XL to not lose (in case) one or both, is better to modify everytime copies and keeping the original games, this is logic.

In main directory:

In MODULES directory:

I suppose some like KOEISND.IRX can be useless cause maybe is about sound, but if something is missing can give some bug or problem so put it inside to be sure.

Now create the ISO with the ORIGINAL files, start this new iso.
With DW4XL you must go in LOAD ORIGINAL, when it ask to insert DW4 disc you go in "select ISO" and select DW4 (the regular DW4 iso), now you can see that change disc is working !!!
With DW3XL work without cause it have to push start and the system think you've change disc, instead DW4XL don't have this function so the system check if you open the disc tray, so you need the iso of DW4 original.

For DW5XL, Samurai Warriors etc.. i've not tried yet so i say nothing cause i can only write stupid things that's sure but i explain the mechanic of what i've understand.

Take everytime the XL game and (work on copies that's logic) extract in a folder, take the not XL (example DW5XL and DW5, just to not wrong) and extract in another folder (better you create both new on desktop and work with thes only).
After both are extracted put them 1 at left and the other to right, check what is missing in the folder of XL (don't overwrite, just check every file with different name) and copy the file from the ORIGINAL into XL.
How i've said few ago some game (like DW4) don't load original automatically but you only need to make "change disc".
Change disc didn't work if you not do that work of insert files, you must create a new iso (with missing files) and use the pcsx2 function for changing discs.
I hope it's clear cause my english is poor grammatically Tongue

To create the iso having all files i use IMGBURN because i've learn this, if you've troubles check 1st post of this thread or ask some user more expert in the forum Smile

Suggestion for moderators or administrators:
For all games with this problem ca be done a stick thread with the solution short and well explained (not in this bad english Blush ), maybe where users can't write so it remain clean.
I mean like save games thread, every post can be the solution, so all these games are solved in 1 only thread and users can't write there so will be a professional thread. (i know, sorry in 2014 somebody yet have this bad english Wacko )

L'ho fatto anche con DW4XL, ora lo spiego.

Controlla il 1° post per sapere le procedure iniziali, spiegherò direttamente i files che bisogna copiare da DW4 a DW4XL.
Devi inserire i files nella iso di DW4XL quindi meglio fare una copia di DW4 ed XL per non perdere i giochi, è sempre meglio lavorare sulle copie e tenere gli originali logicamente.

Nella cartella principale:


Suppongo che file come KOEISND.IRX può essere inutile magari è solo per qualche suono, ma se manca qualcosa può sempre dare problemi, meglio averne uno inutile per essere sicuri.

Ora crea l'ISO con i files di ORIGINAL, avvia la nuova iso.
Con DW4XL devi andare in CARICA ORIGINALE, quando chiede di inserire DW4 vai in "selettore ISO" e scegli DW4 (l'iso regolare di DW4), puoi vedere che cambia disco funziona !!!
Con DW3XL funziona senza perchè devi premere start ed il sistema pensa che hai fatto il cambio disco, invece DW4XL non ha questa funzione quindi il sistema controlla se apri il lettore disco, perciò hai bisogno dell'iso di DW4 originale.

Per DW5XL, Saumari Warriors etc.. non ho provato quindi non dico nulla poichè direi solo cose stupide è sicuro ma spiego la meccanica di cosa ho capito.

Ogni volta prendi il gioco XL (lavore sulle copie è logico) ed estrai in una cartella, prendi il non XL (esempio DW5XL e DW5, giusto per capirci) ed estrai in un'altra cartella (è meglio farle entrambe sul desktop e lavorare solo con queste).
Dopo averle estratte entrambe mettile 1 a sinistra e l'altra a destra, controlla cosa manca nella cartella dell'XL (non sovrascrivere, solo controlla ogni file con il nome diverso) e copia il file dall'ORIGINALE all'XL.
Come detto poco fa qualche gioco (come DW4) non carica l'originale automaticamente ma hai bisogno di fare "cambia disco".
Cambia disco non funziona se non fai il lavoro di inserire i files, devi creare una nuova iso (con i files mancanti) ed usare la funzione per cambiare dischi di pcsx2.
Per creare l'iso con tutti i files io uso IMGBURN perchè ho imparato ad usare questo, se hai problemi controlla il 1° post di questa discussione o chiedi a qualche utente più esperto nel forum Smile
Sadly i don't think is is possible for SW2XL..

Anytime i extract the files from the disc i end up with a ISO thats 1.78GB instead of 8GB

Anyone more familiar with PS2 disc have an idea why this is?
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Sorry for necro posting, but, does anyone have Samurai Warriors 1 and its Xtreme Legends counterpart?

It doesn't seem to have some of the files listed on the original post.

I can show pictures if necessary.

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