Dynasty Warriors discswapping possible in future updates?
The Dynasty Warriors XL games have the option to import player content such as character stats, weapons and items from the corresponding Dynasty Warriors titles, but it requires a disc swap. Despite swapping ISOs the game says that it can't detect a valid Dynasty Warriors disc. Having searched around on the forums, this is apparently a known issue. I'm just wondering if this issue is in the pipeline for being remedied in future PCSX2 updates. Happy

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there's perhaps a *.pnach (Cheat file) to remedy this, cause there was another game where you had to load older games of the same serie to add them to a book, perhaps that works aswell for this game, but you need to know someone who knows the code for that. Also they would need to know then what PCSX says about the game like SLUS-216.42 (ABCD4EF2) (For example) and which region, even though the SLUS/SLES etc. mostly already tells which region it is.
Bumping this in the hope that someone on the PCSX2 team sees it.

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