E7400 2,60 ghz is good?
A question!

Intel dual core E7400 2,60 ghz is good for use pcsx2 and play a Final Fantasy X,X-2 and XII??
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Cpu:Intel Core Duo 6300 @1,86 Ghz
SVGA:GeForce 7100 GS [128 mega(512 chace memory)]
Ram:2,00 Giga

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I am afraid that 2,6 ghz won't do, but if you overclock to 3 ghz, should be fine...
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Depends on not only the CPU (a dual or quad core), but you need to check the videocard you have to see whether or not it's new/relatively powerful. Another factor is if you turn speed hacks on (under "Speed hacks") or not; yes, games like Final Fantasy X/XI/XII should run quite well for the most part. However, turning on speed hacks is like a double-edged sword....some games can run extremely well, but the compatability is lowered significantly. Some tweaking may have to be done, but if configured right, you should be ready to go. I can get FFX to run 60VI/s (30FPS real speed) most of the time (except for very large areas), along with FFXII, so, your CPU isn't an issue at all. Since it's a dual core, PCSX2 won't be as straining on a dual core than on a single core. I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (I know, it's old) clocked at 2.4GHz and yes, I could overclock it to 3.0GHz, but PCSX2 runs like a charm with a PNT GeForce 9600GT on Window XP and besides, overclocking the CPU voids your warranty anyway. Most non-sigle Core CPUs won't have much of a problem running PS2 games; but speed is dependent on the game you play. Not all games will run the way you'd like, as this is the case for almost all people who use it.
No, the 2.6 is not good. When my Q6600 was at 2.4 I couldn't run anything anywhere near as good as I can now. At 3.4 most games that work run at 70+ fps. At 3.0 most should run full speed if they work (60 fps). 2.6 would still run stuff but it would be very slow, too slow for my tastes.
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E7400 ....oc 4.5Ghz should be more game play with 60fps
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Do you mean Intel Core 2 Duo E7400?
It should have 2x 2,8 GHz and it is ok for FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII. And if you habe good grafic card, you will get playable/full speed.

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