EE Cycle + VU Cycle Hacks and False FPS Readings; Framelimiting
Ok so looking at the threads I'm monopolizing this board so I'll stop. But when I get OCD about something its hard to let go. So I've run into a few games that have given me some trouble. One is Viewtiful Joe 2. Here is the thing. I do have this ocd compulsion where I need to be 100% sure the game is running perfectly. The point is to have fun right? Well, no...

So with VU Cyclestealing at 2 it runs at ~55 and can dip to 50. At 3, I feel like it might be slowing down. Couple with EE Cyclerate, the game goes up to 60 fps consistently. But, it feels sluggish during certain fights, and I don't know if thats how the game is supposed to be. Someone did, however, tell me that EE + VU cycle hacks give false fps repeatings. So I turned off framelimiting, and during every part where I "thought" the game slowed down, the fps was still between 70-90 and felt noticeably faster. So, is this a reliable indicator that the reported FPS was accurate? Or, with framelimiting off, is the game reporting 70-90 while actually performing at like, 60-70 because of the EE + VU hacks?

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(10-19-2010, 05:55 AM)velcrobandits Wrote: So, is this a reliable indicator that the reported FPS was accurate?
If you're using the EE cyclerate/vu cycle stealing hacks then it's not reliable, fake FPS means exactly what you're experiencing with it... slower when it's supposed to be fast or just sluggish or lagging behind.

Quote:Or, with framelimiting off, is the game reporting 70-90 while actually performing at like, 60-70 because of the EE + VU hacks?
Yes, just find a combination that works fine for you.
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These cycle hacks make the virtual PS2 very! slow.
All of a sudden the game gets only a 150Mhz EE and a 50Mhz VU instead of 300 / 150.
Games handle these situations differently.
The smartly coded games will start dropping frames like a PC game does.
Most games aren't that sophisticated though and thus they just run really slow Tongue2
But in some games like FF 12,there is increse in speed not just FPS,really.
I'm grateful for all the extra help and information but it looks in the cases where I can't tell how its performing, the answer will always be "indefinite", as far as I can gather from what people are saying. Its a great catch 22. Some performance hacks are necessary for games to function but those same hacks make benchmarks unreliable.

It drives me crazy because I want to know what games I'm running perfectly but I can only know for sure in those cases in which I'm not using all of the speed hacks.
That's why we have the hacks included. Not all games use all the PS2 resources at all times.
Whenever there's some left the hacks will be a working speedup.
Yeah I got that. I was wondering, is the emulator more processor or graphics card heavy?

As I'm typing this, FF X, which I've been playing for days, jumped up to 100 fps, 180 fps in menus. I turned of all speed hacks. Framelimiting is on. wtf...
Processor heavy and it requires a very high clock frequency, cores above 2 aren't used at all.
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FFX is giving me really strange errors, as are other games. I have no idea what happened, I've gotten pretty comfortable with messing with the settings. I started defragging my hdd last night and I think I got up in the middle of the night and turned off my computer cuz of the noise and interrupted the defrag which is a bad idea to begin with. I just loaded up the defrag program and it left off in the pcsx2 folder. Coincidence? Dunno...gunna finish defragging then reinstall my beloved emulator. I hope I didn't do any damage to files. I have noticed some weird performance issues...
Reinstalling did the trick. So happy. But makes me worry that this defrag program is vulnerable to corrupting files if it gets interrupted midway. Bad thing to do, sure, but modern programs should be able to control for that...

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