EE/IOP crashing computer, 0.9.6

emulator randomly crash my computer when i play, everything just freeze and have to reboot. But after unchecking "EERec - EE/IOP somethingsomething" it works fine ("fine" means w/o crashes, but with 10-12 FPSs :=)). I was trying to search google and forum but i found nothing. Is there a way to fix this somehow? Its pain in the ass when i got 60fps, everything works fine and BAH, freeze after 10 minutes :<

im using 0.9.6, and my comp specs

intel core 2 duo E8500 @ 3.16
gigabyte EP45-DS3L
nvidia 9800 gt
win XP pro

ive got latest drivers and directx

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Most likely overheating problems. Check your temperatures with a tool like core temp,if they get too high you need better cooling. It could also be bad drivers...or general system instability. Certainly not PCSX2's fault though...
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Pcsx2 beta 831 solved my problem, its not freezing now.

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