EE/VU/IOP Profiling
I know the EE, VU, and IOP emulation is all done on one thread, so that makes usage profiling on the process level nigh impossible. However, due to the microprogram nature of the recompilers, it should be possible to log the amount of microprograms, as well as the type, run by the emulator, right?

Let's use the hypothetical game "Granola Bar Tycoon" as an example. Most of the time, the game runs flawlessly and without any slowdowns. However, during the Raisin Sorting Sudden Death game mode, things are not exactly smooth. But all is not lost. By using the profiler, I could see that EE is not doing much of anything at all, while the VU is on a cocaine induced working spree. By doing this, I realize that during the most intensive parts of the game, the gameplay would benefit from VU cycle stealing and/or EE cycle rate reduction. Likewise, if the IOP has too much on its plate, I could turn down the audio quality.

Anyway, this is just an idea, I don't know if it could work or not, but I would assume having access to such profiling tools would assist in determining which settings and speedhacks to use, which would be much better than the trial and error situation we have right now.


*Watches and waits for Forum Gods to move this into development forum.*

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Trial and error works fine, there's even a sorta "easy" presets slider to try speed related settings now.

Even when we know a game is mostly VU heavy, all speedhacks like VU cycle stealing could end up doing for that game is break it or just make it go out of sync or just give fake FPS and that's not helping either, would end up going to trial and error again.
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somewhere in pcsx2's code there's some profiling functions for ee/vu/plugin usage which drk||raziel initially coded.
i fixed them to work again a while back but they probably require fixing again to compile/work.
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We'll get the internal profiling functionality working (and improved!) again some time.

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