EE and GS not at 100%, but game is slow
I have only this problem with Zone of the enders 2:
I know EE show the CPU usage and GS the gpu. When one of them is at 100% and the game is slow, then hardware is limiting emulation. But in my case the game is sometimes slow, but neither EE or GS are at 100% usage, is there an explanation ?
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Thanks !

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dont ask me why its not using 100% of ee or gs, but:

its by far more demanding than zoe1, cause it has all this shiny graphic thingies, for example all this red (blood?)thingies when you fight the (first?) enemy in one of the earlier levels. framerate drops as hell in this scene.

i finished zoe1 without a problem, but zoe2 just seems not that playble at the moment Blink

my pc is not as powerful as yours, but i was surprised too that my pentium e5200 @ 4,25ghz + 1024mb radeon 4870 can't handle it. Mellow
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I agree, the first battle vs Anubis is horrible (red thingies everywhere kill the framerate) ^^. But i wonder why my CPU and my GPU don't use 100% if the game needs it... But I suppose it's not that simple ^^
It's sometimes a combination of both..or maybe you're using lots of hacks which mess with the meters
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Both are at max 60%, and I don't use any speed hack or frameskip, strange :/
It can easily be your gpu limiting. The game triggers a GSdx ram issue iirc.
It could mean too high resolution, "allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx could help too.
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If this is PCSX2 0.9.7 it could also be thread benchmarking errors. The GS thread doesn't always report the right % of use, depending on video card drivers and windows OS version. I can get full GPU load and have my PCSX2 GS thread report 20% load on my ATI 5770 under Windows 7, for example (under Windows XP it reports normally).

I need to fix that.. -_-
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