EE and GS not used at 100%

I played Ratchet & Clank a just now, but I noticed that I only have 20 FPS while the EE was 70-80% and same for the GS.

Does anyone have a solution? I use presets (set of 4) but I still lag (and textures load slowly)

Thank you Smile
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I'll start by letting you know that I'm pretty sure that game is a rough one to run.
Last I knew, anyways.

Also-- believe it or not--
Your processor may be too slow... Sad

What PCSX2 version are you using?
What other settings have you changed from the default?
And have you tried using a Software renderer with the GSdx plugin?

And you might wanna turn the Preset down, or just off completely at this time.
If it's not helping, then all that left for it to do is nothing, or even give other issues.
I had r5326 but I use now 5336, and texture don't load at all oO But I have the FPS. I'm in France, all my games are PAL (50 FPS)

[Image: pcsx2r53262012070903370.png]

PS: My CPU is a FX-4100 4 Ghz
[Image: fd18dd7b4511a368bdd432e6bc449f84.jpg]
Bulldozer architecture is known to perform badly under pcsx2, unfortunately.
Plus, R&C series need some paticular EE & GS perfect timing that make them particularly hard to emulate.

did you at least enable mtvu hack ? this could help
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The texture problems are mip map issues and they are currently unfixable but the speed depends on ur cpu and gpu because i have a stable playable laptop and i have all R&C games and i can run them at 50fps PAL and speedhacks dont agree with this game as well so dont use.VU Cyclestealing or EE Cyclerate because it slows the game do Tonguewn
Buy a mainframe computer to run pcsx2 should be the best soultion.
(07-09-2012, 10:45 PM)kamwah99 Wrote: Buy a mainframe computer to run pcsx2 should be the best soultion.

Who gonna provide the money then? You? Glare

Plus, I don't think that type of computer even have any GPU...

You're free to blame me if I'm wrong....

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