EE and VU cycle overclock (reverse speedhack)
Hello, muchly appreciated Developers and everyone.

I know that the EE and VU cycle speedhacks work by underlcocking those emulated ps2 chips. I say it would be awesome if a function was added to the opposite as well. Why?

Several games dynamically skip frames even on zero EE and VU cycle stealing (skip more with more of those hacks of course), even though the PC would have enough resources to render the game without those frameskips. If we could do the opposite of EE and VU cycle stealing, ergo overclock EE and VU, those frameskip would cease, and the game would be rendered at a stable high framerate.

That feature would be really great, even if it could only be triggered by ini editing.

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You have an i5 "4500k" @ 8.0 Ghz and you want Shadow of the Colossus to runs at real 60 FPS? Blink
(10-26-2011, 06:24 PM)Livy Wrote: You have an i5 "4500k" @ 8.0 Ghz and you want Shadow of the Colossus to runs at real 60 FPS? Blink
No, it's not for SOTC. SOTC is an unusally resource demanding game, but there are plenty other games that are much much less heavy on the cpu and gpu. It varies a lot by game, you know it.
I understand what he is saying...

For example, in Tales of the Abyss, on the PS2, there are times when the FPS dips, same with a couple of other games. Due to the PS2 not being strong enough. When emulated, these dips are emulated as well.

I.E, in .hack // G.U, it looks like it's running at half speed during some battles(same on PS2), despite it saying 100% up top, and if I hit TAB, it goes super fast & fluent. I think what he is asking is a way to fix these frame rate issues. Because the emulator emulates the PS2 exactly, they get the same slow downs PS2 gets.

I've often thought about this too, though I don't know much about programming, it seems like it'd be nearly impossible. They'd have to do alot of extra work...and most people would be fine without it. Though if they did manage it, they'd be Gods(more so than now), in my book.
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I have a build with that kind of hack (specially for tales of abyss too Tongue2) but it didn't actually help with the tales of the abyss issue and even with 33-50% performance hit. I also try it from time to time with issues that seem likely to be caused/affected by it but haven't found a single place where it actually helps other than make some crashing FMVs last a few frames more.

Anyway I think the devs mentioned at some point doing an actual overclock/underclock slider instead of the current ee/vu cycle sliders but got scratched cause of not much benefit or complexity or something.
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this is a thread where i asked about and done specifically that(EE overclock like).
Actually we have this planned as a feature.
It's just that we'd like to do this together with a full renovation of the system's cycle calculations, which is a lot of work.
I might add this as a "light version" before that though, something like a negative speedhack.
Imagine some noobs mess with it Laugh.
It'll be clearly marked, just like the current hacks.
If people manage to mess it up anyway, it's their fault really Tongue2

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