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EE cycles question
No doubt cause then all the sudden the emulator got slower what happened. Just like anything else speed and compatibility is a tradeoff.

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(07-17-2010, 01:06 AM)rama Wrote: And you're right:
The default speed of our EE is too low. Some day we're going to fix that up, but you can imagine people won't like it Tongue2

Yeah only doing the OC capped the max fps to 80 fps from 165 fps without OC.
It will need to be done at some point.
I see it coming as an option for "stupidly powerful" machine owners Smile
Imagination is where we are truly real
ok i have another question : can i do the same hack to OC the IOP ?
Sure you can, but there's no benefit to that because the IOP is overpowered for the jobs it needs to do anyway.
hmm i have a game which hangs and i wanna see if the IOP is the cause (most likely not but worth a try)

i found this return s_psxBlockCycles * (EmuConfig.Speedhacks.IopCycleRate_X2 ? 2 : 1); how can i modify it so it oc's the IOP instead?
Check the value of s_psxBlockCycles and subtract a few cycles if it's high.
Leave it alone when it's below 4 or 5 though, as that could cause an emulator stall.
tried this on Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.32 - Phantasy Star and it seems if i change that 2 to 0.5 it hangs less often (it still hangs sometimes) so it seems that its a EE/IOP sync problem or something like that or i'm bypassing some bug somewhere in the code. But this game worked on an earlier version of PCSX2 so i will try to track it down and keep you informed if i find something.

Thanks rama for your assistance Smile .

L.E: Bugtracked the hang to r3274 some change there made the game hang.

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