EE is fairly high, resulting in frame rate lag and issues. Help?
So, I recently got PCSX2 up and running.

I just have a few questions.
I have been trying to play MGS3 Snake Eater, and notice that at some points the EE gets pretty high and lags the game.

Especially at the beginning cut scene where Snake is falling off a plane, the fps shoots down to like 20-30 (supposed to be at 60)

From what I understand, EE means your CPU is bottlenecking, but I have a i7 2600k, which shouldn't be a problem at all.

Not sure what the problem is.
Hope I can find some help.


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Quote:but I have a i7 2600k, which shouldn't be a problem at all.

WHat makes you think that ? Is clocked @4.5ghz ?
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It's easily possible that you've misconfigured PCSX2.
Or the game is too demanding for *any* CPU in that scene (due to bugs or missing optimizations of corner cases in emulation).
Oh ok, well I hope it isn't the latter.
But which PCSX2 specs should I post?
you can start by running everything on default ( delete the inis folder ) configure GSDX enable some recommended speed hacks and your good to go Smile
Btw try AVX version of GSDX it should give you some boost

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