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(12-14-2010, 12:24 AM)AquaHawk Wrote: Yeah. I eventually want to video capture, but I may need a new processor, so I may upgrade. But I can happily play KH2 no with virtually no FPS drop on native rez. THanks.

Video capture works such that you will get a full speed NTSC/PAL video regardless of the speed the game runs. It just depends on whether you'll still be able to play the game properly at the framerate you get whilst recording it. For an RPG this should be pretty easy, but I don't suggest attempting a platform or racing game.
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most of the platform games I know of aren't timing critical on ps2, and I've even played a few with low FPS minus recording and done ok. But definatly not racing games lol
Does 8-bit textures speed it up?? When I tried it there was a slowdown but maybe I should try more games.
(12-14-2010, 12:35 AM)Fezzer Wrote: Does 8-bit textures speed it up??

for some, yes, other no
Cool I'll definitely try that out.

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