EQOA Frontiers
So I've been helping with a project for a PS2 game, Everquest Online Adventures : Frontiers, for a few years. Basically what we are doing is reverse engineering a few packet captures to rebuild a functional server for our beloved game. I suck at network programming so I've done most of my help by figuring out client related issues... I wrote the DNAS bypass for this game, but am seeking help for one more issue that I think the PCSX2 community could help with. So when this game pushed updates it came down the wire as a .AUT file... However in our packet captures from the Sony servers we only saw the encrypted file associated with the .AUT file. So when the game gets to the phase it searches for the update it converts the .ENC file back into a .AUT file and calculates the CRC for this file before connecting to the server. I can see this happening in the PCSX2 log. Basically what I am looking for help with is "pausing" the emulator at the stage when it has the unencrypted .AUT files so we can push these from our own server. This would allow any console/emulator to connect to our server by only editing a few IP addresses in their network setup discs, whereas now the only way to connect is using PCSX2 with our modified memory card save.

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Basically without the .AUT files only PCSX2 can connect to our private server, with the .AUT files PCSX2 or the real consoles can accept the update as real and connect to the game server.
If you can see that in log, that mean game print that output. Find place where it is printed, by searching string in exacutable, then finding place that load it. Probably 1 or 2 functions earlier will be real function that you need. You can then set breakpoint in debugger to stop execution on memory that is interesting for you.

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