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ESC button doesn´t respond
I have a problem. When i start a game i cannot get back to the pcsx2 menu anymore. I can´t even use the save states. I,m using vtlb626 but the same problem is in the rev 599.

Does other people has this problem?

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First use the same plugin for both controller 1 and 2
Second,in Lilypad,make sure Keyboard API is not at disable
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Okay thanks Bositman. Just found the problem, im using xpad 1.0 and tryed other controller plugins and they work fine with the esc button so it is the xpad plugin. Is there newer versions of this plugin, because i would like to use my xbox pad to play. And the plugin works great in the vtlb 563 but not in vtlb599 anymore. Thanks for help
Hmm seems you are right,keys don't work with XPad. No there is no new version of Xpad,but the latest lilypad plugin does support the Xb0x360 controller and works perfectly with it ( I'm using it with mine as well)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yes already got it working with lilypad, so problem solved. Thanks for your helpSmile

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