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I have a question about the graphics of this emulator.

I've searched around a bit and have noticed that when running games it doesn't load whole models into the emulator, but uses a 2D form of rendering depth into them to replicate a 3D appearance. Now, at which point in developement did Pcsx2 team implement this (version before it was implemented)? I'm wondering if some user could supply the program and it's source please.

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its always been the way. It does render in 3d on a "surface" then is printed to the screen. Anything you cant see is missed, this is actually a recognised optimization technique. I dont know if youve ever played Half Life 2 Lost Coast (its a demo, so free Tongue) if you can get across the water and behind some of the scenery, you will notice most of it isnt actually there, its just a face, which is pretty much exactly what the emulator does.
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