Easy Fix for MyMC not reading ps2 Memory Cards
Hi guys,

I'm truly sorry if this has been resolved already or if people still have issues every now and then with MYMC not reading the PS2 memory cards with the "mcd001.ps2 is not an image" etc etc..

But i just wanted to post a solution that i believe to the be the fastest and simplest method on the planet to stop this error from ever occuring..
the solution is as follows.....

1. BOOT PCSX2 in to the PS2 BIOS.. to do this, basically all you have to do is in the top menu of PCSX2 where it says CDVD, choose the option NODisc..
2. System Menu choose "Boot CDVD (Fast).

PCSX2 will now boot in to the PS2 Bios/System Configuration Menu.

Inside PS2 System menu Click on Browser and Memory Card Settings will now show. Now when you select either Memory Card 1 or Memory 2 you will be prompted with a dialog that says the Memory Card is unformatted and "do you want to format the card"? select Yes... 

Done..  MYMC will now read both memory cards without errors.. you can do this as many times as you like, add more cards etc..8MB, 16MB 32MB etc. 

3. Shutdown or exit PCSX2

Screenshots/Images have been attached also for a step by step guide.

*note* you are now able to import saves directly to the memory cards. The save files will appear like normal in-game.

If anyone would like me to post any instructions and upload images showing step by step on how to do this, Let me know in this thread and i will create a new thread with a step by step guide on how to import save files easily.

Again, My apologies if this topic has already been covered before. I thought i'd register an account on here and help those who may run in to such problems in the future.

Any questions, feel free to ask them Smile

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