"Easy-to-run" games
Hey there, today I found that my crappy PC can run very well the Ultimate Muscle game (it's called Galactic Wrestling Feat Ultimate Muscle) because it is not too "expensive" in terms of requirements... (while games like GT3 run like crap at 20 fps)
So I thought if there were some games like this, games that don't ask to have a super PC to run at 60 fps, but I don't know any Tongue
Well, I'm not really asking a list of those games, more than anything in this thread you could share your "experience" with this kind of games that don't require powerful PCs
If anyone cares and wants to know, my PC is: e4400 c2d @ 2.00 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, ASUS geforce 9600 GT /w 1GB VRam, O.S. Windows XP

PS: Sorry for my bad english Blush

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