Echo Beyond Night
This is about the game Echo Beyond Night. So I don't really know if this a bug or not. Maybe I just need to change a setting. But when I try to play the game on Hardware mode the game runs fine but experiences graphical glitches. When I put it on Software mode the game looks normal but runs at a slow rate. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out.

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The fact that the game is "fixed" in software mode means that there is no bug with the game. You may be out-of-luck. The reason why the game is slow in software mode is because you don't et any hardware acceleration from the gpu. The cpu does all the work in an already demanding program.
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so my options are play in slow motion or play with graphical glitches? Haha that's always fun I guess
Yeah, or just play it on the original PS2, lol. Tongue2
yea but i wanna record my gameplay of it for my daily lets play videos i do. Has anyone been able to get it to work correctly for them?
I don't have this game sadly. I think I had a demo disc which had a demo of this game on it, but I'm not sure which disc it was on (I have dozens) or if I even still have the disc. I'll probably try to find it later.
You might try the ZeroGS plugin to see if it has glitches or not.
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well.. depending on your PC you may be able to speed it up signifigantly

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