Edit memory card files/savegame editor?
Is there a tool that allows me to edit the ps2 memory card files so I can edit my savedata? I have played though the game twice on my ps2 but it would be better with mods.

I am playing Dark Cloud and there are not any cheat codes for that game.Mellow

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WELL? does anybody know?
I've never seen a tool specifically for editing memory card files, but I haven't exactly looked. A hex editor would do the job, but that's like using dynamite to open a stuck jar.

If you can't find any actual gameshark/whatever codes for the game you want, you can go the leet way and use a tool such as Cheat Engine. It's meant for PC games, but pcsx2 (effectively) is one so it still works.

Google for tutorials, but the basic idea is since all the information about the game state is stored in RAM while playing, you can go in and change pretty much whatever you want with the right tools. Cheat Engine is such a tool.

Start up a game, find the location where max {health | money | ammo} is stored, change it, and save normally. Once you get some practice in it's pretty easy.
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Games should save the savegame data in different ways so a single gamesave editor for all would be pretty much impossible (well maybe not impossible but taking very long time to complete Tongue2), you could probably extract the saves with mymc and edit them manually if you know what you're doing but that's not much of a good way to do it I guess, there's a FFX and a FFX-2 save editors (maybe others?) if you search in the forum tho.

You'd be better off getting cheat codes for your games or do as echosierra said and go with a cheat tool.
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The game that I am playing (Dark Cloud) doesn't have any cheat codes.

When people tell me to look it up on google, I already did and didn't find it. That's what forums are for!Tongue

I'll try that cheatengine program and see if it works!
(01-10-2010, 12:42 AM)That_Guy28 Wrote: The game that I am playing (Dark Cloud) doesn't have any cheat codes.


First result in a simple google search...
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