Emotion Engine Pegged at 100%
Hi guys, 

Im pretty new to PCSX2 but i know how to use some of the software from information on these forums. I am playing JAK II, which from what ive heard can have performance issues and texture glitches. However my Graphics Synthesizer never hits above 50% percent but the EE will hit 100% when driving through the city causing some considerable lag. Are there any specific settings you guys would recommend to make it run just a little faster? Turbo mode fixes the lag but also makes it unplayable since its running at 200% speed. 

I am running the latest 1.5.0 development build as 1.4.0 is a disaster on this game. 

My specs are: 

Ryzen 5 2600
16GB of DDR4-3200mhz ram (clocked at 2733Mhz)
Vega 56 8GB
and the .ISO file is running on my 256gb m.2 SSD. 

Ive attached a few screenshots below of my settings. 

Emulation settings are all set to default except its running in widescreen. 

Thanks for any help in advance!

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