Emu-X-Station (Frontend/tools/databases)
Hi all, thought id put up a thread here for input etc about my project, Emu-X-Station.

What is Emu-X-Station:
Emu-X-Station is the collective term for a group of programs created by me which cover various aspects of game maintenance, collecting & emulation.

The main areas covered by X-Station are:
Collection detailing and organizing
Offline Databases
Emulator frontends
Console museums

Emu-X covers various consoles, one of which is the PS2 and is also the console behind some of my original concept designs. Emu-X is split into various modules, heres the modules relevant to here;

Cat-X Modules; 1 for each system, these are offline game databases and emulator frontends, collection frontends.

Start Center; The main hub of X-Station.

EXS Builder; For creating new game profiles (Cat-X) and building game libraries.

La-X; Add up to 8 programs into start center with up to 3 cmdline profiles for each which can be launched directly from X-Station.

.PPF Patcher & DB;

The area i wanna highlight to users here is the PS2 Cat-X, which is a game media manager/Database/emu front end.

Which has a database of ps2 games, containing;

--Get the info on your games disc (hash based from the system_cnf)
--Region relations
--FAQs & Cheats database
--Gameplay clip
--Critic Reviews and scores
--Add you own review and score

And more, along with support for adding in your content such as any game ost's you have, scanned in books etc etc, theres a full audio playback engine (.ape, .wav, .midi, .flac, and more) full video playback (.wmv, .avi) .cbr/.cbz reader and more. And a config manager for pcsx2, allowing you to save multiple configs for the same game and load them with ease.

Heres a vid, it shows the psx cat-x but the ps2 cat-x is identical (just using these pics/vids as i already have them on my desktop)

The whole GUI is end user themeable, heres a look at the GUI in action;

Any/All input, feature ideas, etc welcome.

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Looks nice! Where can I download it?
Way cool! Have you heard of the Hyperspin Project? It's a lot like yours. Maybe you could incorporate your work into it or vice versa?
Indeed i've seen/used hyperspin, i think emu-x and hyperspin have taken 2 different routes, with hyperspin been more straight forward (game name, 1 pic, 1 vid, play the game) were as emu-x has alot of features based around adding you content/collections. You can for instance add in game sound tracks, guidebooks, support for unlimited videos, etc.

Heres a new video, you can see the new advanced filter system on the left above the games list, and some of the other cool new stuff like the 3D books:


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