Emu suggestions ....
This thread is about pcsx2 feature suggestions/discusion.
If you have a good idea for a pcsx2 feature, mention it in this thread.

Note from pcsx2 Team: This is not a support thread, and "Fix this game" is not a feature request. Users spamming this thread will be warned.

(first sorry for my english XP)
Hi, just a quick suggestions for the emu, that I think would be GREAT! X3

1. It would be great if the emu had a Game menu (like Pj64), where there is a list of the games you have, also you can choose wich plugin you want to open them with. (like next to the name or somethin)., like a more dynamic CONFIGURE option so it saves your settings.

2. An option to save your settings of "X" game, so it remembers the speed hacks, game fixes you enabled, graphic options and audio. (like dolhpin does), and its implemented in the game menu.

3. An option to start Valkyrie profile 2 in progressive mode, because im too lazy to push X + [Image: Trianglen.svg]

maybe im asking too much, I dont know ....

Ohh and BTW. Thank you guys for this awesome Ps2 emulator!
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there are changes coming, we're just waiting for the next 0.9.x release to see all of them
Well that sounds great! like the new emu logo. X3 Thank you for the fast answer
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nice suggestions. i think they're cooking something great for next release.
Great Second Suggestion, My vote for Games Profiles Options Tongue
We've discussed the game profile thing before.
Currently there's more important things we're working on, but we might do something like that in the future.

Also, I've been wanting to have a suggestion thread on this forum to hear user opinions on the emu, and what features you guys would like to see in future versions of pcsx2.
If there's really good ideas, we might consider adding them to pcsx2 in the future (no guarantees though Tongue2).

So going to edit the first post of this thread and make it a feature suggestion thread.
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Here's my suggestions:

1.More user friendlier Patch Browser dialog...something like on pj64 will be great,and have a checkbox if you want the selected cheats to be remembered(which cheats are selected/enabled)...again like pj64(Remember selected cheats)

2.Memory card editor like before,but that one was kinda buggy.

3.Hotkeys for changing the frames before skip and frames to skip(I do this with artmoney but will be great if pcsx2 has this ability,in that way you can set the best skip rates more easily)

4.Config=>Patched...the "Save Patch" to actually work.Now if I want to edit my patch I have to go to the folder,remember which one was the file for some game,open it and edit it.The "Save Patch" is always inactive even if I delete almost all of the cheats from the patch using Config=>Patched

5.Enable/disable sound emulation with hotkey.
I've thought about redoing the patch browser to not be horrible. But GUI changes are going to have to wait till Jake is finished with the wx branch.

The memory card editor is also a good idea. The old one was cool but very buggy. Of course it might always just be safer to use bios for memory card editing.
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i agree with agapitoxxx.here r some also.

1.double cliking pcsx2 will bring us a blue environment(just like nero
showtime does-but it is red).then there r 3 options.
what do u want to do
___play solid dvd
___play back-up iso
___go to bios menu

when user clik solid dvd option>insert ur ps2 dvd>retrieving information
>done!>press x to continue.And then dvd will boot up.

when user clik back-up iso option>browse iso>run>taking
information>press x to continue.and iso will boot up.

when user clik bios menu,he will go to traditional ps2 menu.

thats it! no more setting no more pain.no more ps2 launcher.
i have seen some of my frnds have given up pcsx2 only f hard settings.
And at last i can say,may be pcsx2 will not appear in this beauty very soon
.its a hard task.it is easy to say many but hard to do one.We r very thankful to those who worked hard f pcsx2 and bring pcsx2 in this stage
from just for demo to today's running commercial game.

edit:oh i have forgotten the patch or cheat.so there is 4 option
else option will appear when user press escape to apply patch or code.
add patch>browse>open
remove patch>select a running patch
add raw code(if not,ur code is not raw.convert it 1st)
Hmm, most of the configuration work will soon be very different.
At that point we'll probably try to make it easier, maybe have a beginner and an advanced mode.

The memory card editor will surely come back at some point. It's just that the one we had was too buggy Tongue2

Patches.. Well, I don't like the whole idea of them, so I won't comment on them either.

Hotkeys for the frameskipper. Well, frameskipping is still a bit broken (by GS design it's a hard to do thing).
But iirc Jake said he might be able to tweak it some more, possibly removing the need for any hotkeys (or settings at all) Wink

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