Emuhaste codes with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+
I'm currently using the PCSX2 beta 1474, as well as the official 0.9.6. Now, at first I attempted to insert these codes as patches, but as that failed, I learned of a program called Emuhaste via a post on the kh-vids.net (Shown here). Now, I downloaded it, and ran it just like that guy said, but nothing in game is affected. Specifically, the codes I'm trying to use are:

Quote:Have all Keyblades
0032F0D1 00000062
1032F0D2 00006262
1032F0D4 00006262
0032F1AB 00000062
0032F1AC 00000062
0032F1AF 00000062
4032F1B0 00040001
62626262 00000000

Quote:Equips Bond of Flame to Dual-Wielding Roxas's off-hand weapon
1032F01C 000001F2

Quote:Roxas and DW Roxas can perform Reaction Commands (Press R2 and leave the map)
E003FDFF 0034D45C
01C9F62F 00000001
01C9572F 00000001
21CE267C 003F00AC

Quote:Replaces Sora with Roxas
11CE0B68 0000005A

Quote:Gives Roxas Sora's moveset
200F9000 10400005
200F9004 944F004C
200F9008 2401000E
200F900C 142F0002
200F9010 240F0001
200F9014 A44F004E
200F9018 03E00008
201D348C 0803E400

Quote:Replaces Valor Form with DW Roxas
11CE0B70 00000323

I've configured emuhaste so that it can find my .exe perfectly fine, but I still can't get it to work, so any help would be apprecated very much ^^ Thank you.

P.S:I just tried this code;

Quote:Have all of Sora's Weapons
1AB32FB1 00000101
4A687E5E C4581D5A
0B220B0C 00000000
1AC52FB1 00000101

...[/quote]for the original Kingdom Hearts, and again, nothing happened. Anybody able to tell what the problem probably is? Might reinstalling the emulator help?

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Also, I guess it's worth noting that using the official 0.9.6 build causes the game to crash when I apply some codes in emuhaste, while others just cause nothing to happen.

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